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Thank you so much for your quick response in forwarding this information.   I can only say good things about my experience with Mercury Ins & BMR – you all have been great.  Should I return to California I will definitely go back.

Thank you –
Susan B.

We recently approached Gary Arch and BMR Insurance Agency about the prospect of changing our automotive and homeowners insurance from the carrier we’d been with for 25 years in an effort to trim some costs. Gary ran the numbers, and determined that while he could save us some money on what we were paying for auto insurance, our homeowners would be a little more expensive than what we currently had.

I suspect at that point, many agents would have said, “So, can I sign you up?” Not Gary. He was quite forthright in telling us that while he’d appreciate having our business, but it was really a wash, and didn’t make sense for us to switch.

I’ve been with BMR for my business insurance for a while and Gary has always available and prompt to reply to my incessant questions and need for documentation. So, I was a little disappointed when it didn’t make sense to switch to his agency.

A short time later, Gary found a new discount that applied to us, and which ultimately made a significant difference in our premiums. At that point, it was a no-brainer. We switched in a heartbeat, and within a couple hours had all of the necessary documentation in hand, and are saving a considerable amount of money on our annual premiums.

Gary is amazing – he’s prompt, patient, and explains things clearly in layman’s language. But most of all, I appreciate his ethics. It would have been a simple thing to encourage us to change carriers just to benefit his agency, but he was looking out for OUR interests above his own. I think we’re going to be clients of BMR for a long, long time!
Jon Haverstick

We have been clients of BMR for many years and have always had wonderful service; first from Deric and now Nicole.  We have just returned from living abroad and Nicole has been helpful and responsive in updating our records and advising us on our policies.  She has been a pleasure to work with.
Susan M.

Gary Arch has been our insurance representative for the past 4 years and manages our home, umbrella and auto policies. We recently sold our home and moved temporarily to an apartment. The change process was a breeze. One email to Gary put everything in motion to cancel our current homeowners policy and set up a new renters policy. A few days after moving into the apartment the complex management notified us that we needed to make a change with our policy in order to comply with their property guidelines. In the midst of the move this was the last thing I had time to handle. I called Gary and he contacted the management office, made the necessary changes, issued a revised policy and notified us and the property management office once completed. Life is good with BMR insurance!
Steve & Patty J.

Diana and Gary are so Awesome. Always quick to respond and very professional. Definitely very happy.
Moises Alvarez

I have one of the best Agent Gladys Pizana she helps me and answers all my questions she has great customer service, I would HIGHLY recommend she to everyone
Angie Solis

Always exceptional advice and impeccable follow-up and follow through. I strongly recommend this highly experienced agency.
Daryl Sansevero

Gary and his staff are the best in the business.  He has handled my car and motorcycle insurance for over a decade now and his low rates and level of service cannot be beat.  He is great about explaining everything and lets me know exactly what coverage I have on each of my 5 vehicles.  His staff is also great at getting proof of insurance e-mailed – took them less than 5 minutes to provide me with this when I recently requested it!  Everyone needs a fair and ethical insurance agent that they can trust to provide them with the least expensive policy available.  Gary is the man!
Dan E.

We’ve lost track of how many years Gary and his crew at BMR have provided both our homeowner and auto insurances. We recently had a broken water pipe in our home which resulted in a flood. The service we received from BMR and our homeowner provider was outstanding. The event occurred on a holiday weekend and Gary called us personally early the next morning to make sure we were okay. My husband is an insurance broker for a national firm and he says the service at BMR makes him proud to be in an insurance professional.

I just used BMR Insurance for the first time, and I have to say how pleased I am. Within ten minutes, I was asked a few questions and was on my way. Only a few hours later, I was presented with a very reasonable quote for my business insurance. How easy? Very. How pleasant and helpful? The best. So much better than dealing with the insurance companies themselves. Thank you, Gary Arch!!
Jennifer M.
Laguna Beach, CA

These cats handle all my home/auto needs. I’m a big fan, and strongly recommend. Ask for Garance Arch… he is the best.
Joe M.
Orange, CA

I use BMR (specifically Gary Arch) for my general liability insurance for my office and my Contracting business. Gary is great. He is prompt and professional. In the many I have dealt with he is the best.
Steve M.
San Clemente, CA

Gary Arch at BMR Insurance is the best. I have both auto and condo insurance through him. The service is impeccable. Any time I have a question I can call or email and get a response right away. I do not ever need to go through the actual insurance company and get hassled or spend my time on an automated system. If you want to right amount of coverage, at a good price with excellent personalized service, see Gary at BMR.
Josephine C.
Orange, CA

When I first moved to Southern California, I approached Gary at BMR Insurance in regards to my auto insurance policy. I was with USAA at the time and he said they were great and to stick with them. A year down the road I purchased a new vehicle and wanted just “to see” what Gary’s rates were. To both of our amazement, he was able to save me TONS while maintaining the same benefits. I refer all of my patients to Gary anytime an “insurance” needs comes up.
Corey K.
Tustin, CA

You would not believe it- the month after we signed up with Gary to buy car insurance for our family, BOTH my husband and I got into car accidents! As bad as that may sound, BMR Insurance TRULY SAVED US!! My car was totalled, and not only did they completely pay off the remainder of my car payment, I got a few extra hundred dollars too! (Am I supposed to admit that?) My husband got his car fully repaired and BMR provided him with a rental car for 30 days- wow! My rental was an Audi A4- very fun! So, yes, getting into those accidents was a FUN experience with BMR!
Elisabeth F.
Orange, CA

I have used Gary for several years for both my business and personal insurance needs. He is without a doubt the best guy for the job! He finds you the best prices with the best companies. He is both personal and professional. I would never use anyone else. he gets you the answers to your questions right away. If he can’t help you he refers you to someone who can.
Elisabeth S.
Riverside, CA

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